Much appreciation is showered over you with your dedication in bringing this summit to fruition. Splendid my dear! Such a delightful softness emanates from you while you ease into the varied, fresh speakers’ knowledgeable experiences and practice. This was one of the finest summits that I have been graced to be able to attend, walking away with generous thank you gifts, a renewed interest and a palpable shift in perspective. Many blessings!


In light and love, Kazine Z.


     Thank you for the opportunity to hear from these experts! I especially appreciate having them all in one place now! Wonderful work!!


Sandi C.



     Thank you, it was great looked forward to it every day.


Laurie J.

7 Essential Laws

Christy Whitman

Tapping Into a Spectacular Life!

Brad Yates

From Psycho-therapy to

Sacretherapy -- 8 Steps to Living the Life You Came Forth to Live!

Amelia Kemp

F.E.E.L.:  Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies.

Michelle Bersell

The 5 Requirements for Change

Craig Meriwether

Love Languages and Accessing Your Inner Child

Pascale Battrick

First Steps to Joy - How to Secure Your Personal Zone of Genius!

Doreen Cumberford

How to Get UNstuck from the Trickiest Rut!

Remy Chausse

The #1 Ingredient Essential for Success and Happiness

Dr. Joe Rubino

Tipping Your Sacred Cows and Becoming Your Authentic Self

Betsy Chasse

Why Love Heals

Dr. Dean Shrock

Live It!  Love It!  Be It!  Shift Into Your Spectacular Life with BOLD PASSION!

Heidi Reagan

How to Use a Book to Build Your Business

Lynne Klippel

Allow Your Success Now - 5 Simple Steps to Drop Your Bags and Start Your Journey

George Carradini

From Limited to Limitless!

Ariadne Sassafrass

Connecting the Dots to Spiritual Living

Deborah Beauvais

Consciousness, NeuroWisdom, and Your Brain: the Neuroscience of

Mark Waldman

Inner Voice:  Unlock Your Purpose and Passion

Russ Whitney

Create a Truly Satisfying, Successful, and Spectacular Life with Your Ultimate Life Plan!

Dr. Jennifer Howard

The Somatic Recovery Technique

Sherry Gaba

How to Get Totally Calm in 15 Minutes, Regardless of What's Going on Around You.

Michal Spiegelman

Allowing the Miracle - How to Create the Most Powerful Shift of All

Cathleen O'Connor

How to Become a Master of Manifestation!  Get What You Want from Life with Peace, Power and Predictability!

Sonia Miller

The Somatic Recovery Technique

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