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3 Steps to Staying Spiritually Connected

Powerful 3-Part Video Series with 3 easy steps to experience Divine Presence.

Step into your unique pathway of peace, power and potential!


Step 1

Recognizing Who You Are and Allowing it to Manifest


Step 2

Resetting Your Vibrational "Set-Point"


Step 3

Consciously Connecting to Source, Including a Powerful Meditation to Experience Divine Presence

I remember clearly the day I was laid off from my job as a supervisor in a large call center that closed.  Hundreds of people were without jobs and many were in a crisis situation. 


I could have taken a job with an affiliate company that would have meant traveling 80% of the time.  My colleagues thought I was crazy for not going for it since it would have been job security and a substantial income.  However, I knew it was not for me.


It occurred to me then that I would not have had the courage to follow

my convictions to manifest my ideal job had I not been spiritually

connected.   Because of my connection to Source, I was able to keep

focused on my goal and be happy and secure knowing that my ideal

job was on its way. 


And sure enough, two months later a friend told me about a smaller

Call Center that was looking for a manager.  I interviewed and got

the job.  And not only was it a promotion for me, it also paid

substantially more than my previous job. 


There are so many benefits to being connected spiritually that I want you to experience the same peace of mind I did when you are facing challenging times and be able to manifest what you know is right for you.




When you connect to Source and stay connected you will:


  • Be HAPPIER with a deeper sense of satisfaction

  • Attract more ABUNDANCE into your life

  • MANIFEST your goals with greater ease

  • Feel more SUPPORTED and secure

  • Make a greater IMPACT

The LAW OF ATTRACTION states that you are a creator and what you create in your life depends on the vibration you offer to the universe. 


When you are connected to Source, your set-point becomes the higher vibrations of joy, gratitude and love no matter what life may bring you.  You then attract more of the same to you.  



and Tap Into Your Divine Power and Use that Power for Constructive Change!

Experience DIVINE PRESENCE and step into your unique pathway of peace, power and potential!


Manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of—and DESERVE! 

"Because of my connection to Source, I was able to keep focused on my goal and be happy and secure knowing that my ideal job was on its way."   

3 Videos

Only $39.95!

What People Are Saying

Wow!!!! Absolutely amazing, Nancy. You have such an amazing way of connecting me every single time you do a meditation! This was a great video series Nancy- you have a true gift in showing us how to find and live in higher vibration! Thank you for all you are doing to Make the World a Better Place!!!
In Love and Light

Sonya Barham White

Owner, For the Greater Good

Truly awesome meditation — thank you SO much. I’ve been practicing meditation for awhile, without much success, but this session was in a different league. Well done! Keep smiling!


Mike S.

Dear Nancy, just wanted to say thank you for these beautiful videos!


Eva S

Nancy, amazing video presentation. Love this and would like to stay connected!


Maureen M.

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