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MISCONCEPTION #3: You are Separate from God

When you are born into the physical world, your soul, which is the feminine aspect of your being, descends from the spiritual realms into the finite material world, where it takes on a physical body.

However, your soul never loses its connection to its Source—the I AM Presence and God within you.

Projected from the heart of your I AM Presence to your heart on earth is a stream of light energy, referred to as the silver cord in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7) because of the luminescence of the flowing light. There is also a continual figure-eight flow of light from your I AM Presence in spirit that sustains you in the physical world.

This is the life force that keeps you alive and when your time on earth is finished, this stream of light is withdrawn from the physical body, resulting in physical death. And the soul, having shed the physical body, moves on to different dimensions.

If we continue to see ourselves separate from God, from Jesus, from all sons and daughters who have reunited with God, we may delay or perhaps never fully reunite with God as a result. Truly, this is one of the concepts or beliefs that many of us were taught all our lives that no longer serves us well.

Awhile back I watched the movie “Jesus of Nazareth” that was produced Franco Zeffirielli, which is one of the best productions I have seen on Jesus’ life. One particular scene in the movie really stood out for me when the Pharisees were questioning Jesus to see who he claimed he was. They wanted to accuse him of being of the devil, which in their minds was the only other option to being of God.

They were shocked when Jesus confirmed he was the son of God and considered it blasphemous for him to make such a claim. Yet I had to wonder who the Pharisees thought they themselves were.

By their own logic, if they were not sons of the devil, then they too were sons of God. What other choice was there according to their beliefs? You were either of God or the devil. So if you are not of the devil, then you are of God. Yet we see how simple logic can escapes us when it comes to religious doctrine and dogma.

Again, you were made in the image and likeness of God and are of God--the one Source of All. So it literally impossible to be separate from God. The only separation is what we create from our misuses of God's energy continually flowing through us. More on this later.

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