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MISCONCEPTION #2: God is Only Male

God is both masculine and feminine. The reason why we refer to God as masculine is because we inherently recognize that our souls are the feminine aspect of our beings.

The soul is that part of us that is in the physical world—matter—mother. The portion of ourselves in spirit is the masculine aspect of our being. Therefore, we tend to refer to God as masculine. But in reality, God is both masculine and feminine and we likewise are made in that image. Let me explain further.

Each time the universal Father-Mother God speaks the Word, I AM (In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1), God is individualized and a unique manifestation, or Presence, comes into being. And that “I AM Presence” is you and me. It is the Source individualized as each one of us.

From out of this individualized I AM Presence, twin beings—representing the Father-Mother God—come forth. (So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27).

Twin beings, often referred to as twin flames or twin souls, have a unique pattern and divine plan to externalize. Their divine blueprints are identical. In fact, they are identical in every way except for the fact that one is the masculine polarity (positive charge) and one is the feminine polarity (negative charge) of the whole.

So you have a twin flame that is literally your other half! And just as Benjamin Franklin discovered when flying his kite, and Thomas Edison who brought forth the light bulb, when the positive and negative energies of the universe unite, power and creation result. And just as in the case of electricity, when man and woman unite, there is also creation.

In the Christian tradition, we refer to this polarity as Alpha and Omega. In the Eastern traditions, this is symbolized in the tai chi symbol. And even though you and your twin are the opposite polarity from one another, each of you is whole within yourself as God/Source is indivisible. This means that you and your twin flame each have an individualized I AM Presence that, again, is androgynous—both masculine and feminine.

Twin flames are meant to incarnate into the material world together for a number of times and return to their Source together, which actually happened in earlier ages not recorded in our current history.

Due to the imperfection on earth at this time and the negative karma we have created through the misuse of divine energy, this is not happening. Therefore, the deep longing in our soul to find our other half is fulfilled through male and female relationships, or through a spiritual life where the individual is “married” to Christ.

The question then arises regarding the physical changing of genders when one does not feel comfortable in the body they were born with. Depending on our evolutionary path and the energies we need to master in a particular lifetime, we may be born into a male or female body. And while we may not feel comfortable in that particular body, it nevertheless is the body we chose because there were lessons to be learned and energies to be mastered.

Therefore changing one’s gender is not advisable as it interferes with the greater plan for the soul, which may not be apparent to the individual once they have left the spiritual realms and entered the more limited physical dimension.

Now there are a variety of reasons as to why someone may wish to change their gender ranging from spiritual and/or social rebellion to being effected by chemicals or environmental conditions that influence the chemistry in the physical body. Since we are androgynous beings expressing one of the polarities in an individual lifetime, you can see how environmental influences could become an influence regarding which gender one may feel like.

In the case of children who have recently arrived in the physical dimension, they are still feeling their wholeness. And while there is a movement to de-genderize children, it is not the best idea. It is important that the soul identifies with its plan for its life, and the opportunity to overcome whatever is its particular mission is not thwarted in any way.

This does not mean that children need to be stereotyped and taught limitations based on their gender. No matter male or female, universal truths and principles can be taught that will lead to soul freedom as the individual matures and fulfills its divine purpose.

The second question that arises is the practice of homosexuality. As already stated, the entire universe is based on the masculine and feminine principles that are, in reality, polarities of the Whole. In the spiritual realms, they are one.

But in the physical dimension, the One is diversified and we have the many expressions that appear separate. So while male and female are separate, they are the two halves of the whole. And when these two powerful forces unite, the result is creation.

A simple demonstration using magnets demonstrates the attraction and wholeness of opposite polarities and the repelling of the same polarities.

From a spiritual perspective, when members of the same sex try to unite sexually, there is the same repelling as with the magnets of the same polarity. Energy is discharged at the level of the lower spiritual centers resulting in the misuse of the life force, which from a spiritual perspective, is not a lawful use of that energy.

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