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The Paradox of Our Times

Today we live in a complicated world. Technology has surpassed what previous generations could not even imagine and threatens to depersonalize society. Wars continue to rage around the planet, and it is more and more difficult for the average person to maintain a financially-stable life.

New diseases have appeared and in spite of our advances in medicine and science, people succumb at almost epidemic levels. We also see overall health declining in many countries with chronic illnesses affecting more and more people.

In the midst of all this, we also see amazing developments in quantum science that some believe are giving credence, and in some cases, proving spiritual truths that for centuries have been understood by the world's major religions.

We see people searching and seeking answers, with many awakening to a higher purpose in life and not settling for the status quo. Not only do they desire answers to the meaning of life, but they also want to know and fulfill their own individual purposes and find solutions to the monumental problems humanity currently faces.

Conscious business owners are creating businesses that serve and cooperate rather than compete, and are exemplifying the abundant life that we are all meant to claim as our own.

We also see others drifting away from spirituality and religion. Some simply because they can hardly fit it in their busy lives that require all of their time to simply make a living and support a family. Some are so surfeited in the materialistic societies we have created that they find their meaning in striving for position, power and fortune. Others are simply apathetic or do not even think about God, religion or spirituality.

And then there are those who completely deny the existence of a God or higher power.

There are also those that have become disillusioned with organized religion and avoid anything relating to it. And is it any wonder why, as child abuse is exposed, when dishonest preachers say one thing but do another, when money and power seem to breed corruption even in the highest places of the churches, and when radical individuals kill others in the name of God and their religion?

All of these distractions may temporarily keep us occupied or turned away from true spiritual seeking, yet they do not squelch the deep yearning and fire in our hearts that tells us there is more—that inner memory that is quickened from time to time and beckons us to seek further.

Unfortunately, for some of us, it sometimes takes a major crisis before we stop and reflect on what is really important and turn inward for answers. But you need not wait for a life crisis to begin your awakening or to fulfill your dreams. Now is the time!

Humanity is entering a new age and a new era. The problems that we face today require new thinking and perspectives. The same consciousness that created our problems will not be the consciousness that solves them. So it is incumbent upon us to look at old concepts in new ways.

Unfortunately the word “God” somehow has fallen into disfavor with many in our modern cultures. But I would suggest that perhaps the concept of God that has been forced on us for lifetimes is what is in disfavor.

As a wise man I know once said, “An atheist is someone who is rebelling against his/her mother’s concept of God.” This may be truer than most of us realize, even atheists themselves. So let us not be blocked from our spiritual awakening to our divine origins by concepts that no longer serve us.

For only when enough people wake up to their divine origins and the power that dwells within them will we have the necessary shift in awareness and consciousness to re-create this world. A world where higher moral and spiritual standards are reflected in our societies, governments, families and individuals, and where there is a heightened sense of brotherhood, cooperation, and respect.

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